Learn Chadian Arabic

Here are a few resources for learning Chadian Arabic.

Lexicons (Dictionaries)

Lexique (dictionnaire) arabe tchadien — français, 11th edition, 2021   (PDF file - 1.2 Mb)

An Android App of this edition of the Lexicon which includes English definitions is available to download from the Google Play Store at this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.sil.shu.arabe.tchadien.lexique.dictionnaire.lift

Lexique (dictionnaire) arabe tchadien — français, 10th edition, 2016   (PDF file - 825 Kb)
Chadian Arabic — English Lexicon (Dictionary), 10th edition, 2016   (PDF file - 810 Kb)
Dictionnaire visuel
français — arabe tchadien
  (PDF file - 628 Kb)

Learning English / Chadian Arabic

Let’s speak English - Nikallumu Ingliizi
(PDF file - 3.6 Mb)